A few minor suggestions for improvments and fixes.

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A few minor suggestions for improvments and fixes.

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Could you add the windows standard keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+A to select all text in a text box etc. It works on some text boxes in Flowcode, like the text box for the calculation icon, where you write the calculations to be made. But it does not work if you add a text component to the panel and click the text box in the properties window that says "Please Change Caption".

I would also like to be able to use the TAB key to move the cursor from one text box to the next in the properties window for component macros. For example when entering the x and y coordinates in the LCD cursor macro. If I write "0" in the text box for the x coordinate, I want to be able to press TAB and the cursor should jump to the text box for the y coordinate AND select all so that I can just write the new value.

These things are very tiny inconveniences in and of themselves, but I really use the keyboard as much as I can and the mouse as little as possible. And since my programs in Flowcode become bigger and bigger, it adds up to a lot of time having to navigate with the mouse. Even more so using a laptop with a track pad.

Then I have spotted an error in the translation to Swedish. I rarely have any software installed with a language other than English but when I re-installed Flowcode it was in Swedish and I haven't bothered changing it.
The error is in the property window of the loop function.

The text by the three check boxes that in English is correct, and says (in order from top to bottom):
"Loop while:"
"Loop until:"
"Loop count:"

Says if you have Swedish language selected:
"Loopa ända tills:" which means: "Loop until"
"Loop until:" which is not translated at all.
"Loopa antal gånger:" which means: "Loop this many times:"

I might just be very OCD about these sorts of minute details, but since we don't dub any movies or TV shows here in Sweden and English is mandatory in schools from a very early age, we tend to notice errors in translations like this and kind of get upset. It's as if the person or company behind the product thinks that we wouldn't understand if they didn't translate to Swedish. And since we generally think that there must be something wrong with anyone from Sweden that can't at least read English, this small error in translation turns into a small insult :) Granted that this is totally irrational, and not something that is well known or documented (or even a big issue). I have actually spotted several language errors in the translations to Swedish and a lot is not translated at all, like in the loop properties example above.

My guess is that you still want/need to provide Flowcode in Swedish since I think one of your biggest markets is schools and they probably have rules and or policies that dictates that all educational literature and software has to be in Swedish.

If that is in fact the case, then I suggest that you do some research and find a company with really good references that can do the translation for you. If it is not a requirement I suggest that you just remove the option completely. That would be doing the Swedish kids a favor and also save you time, energy and money as well. Since all datasheets and other needed information sources are all in English, I don't think it would be possible for someone that only knows Swedish to learn any programming language I've ever seen.

That's it, for now :) These are just my two cents. I just thought it would be better to let you know and give you feedback and suggestions and then let you decide what, if anything, is worth considering. Rather than me making the decision that it was too insignificant to even bring up.

Thanks for great product (Flowcode for PIC)! I am so looking forward to V6!

Best regards,
Daniel S

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