PWM with flowcode

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PWM with flowcode

Post by singhdeol »

How is everybody doing? we have a project for school where we have to control a stepper motor using flowcode. We have very limited knowledge of flowcode mostly to turn the led on & off etc. We are kind of doing a 3 axis linear motion wending machine where it will pick up a object and place it on some where else with in the vending machine shelf.
Q-What kind of things we need to start looking into in order to control a stepper motor with eblocks?

ave a nice day. thx

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Re: PWM with flowcode

Post by JohnCrow »

Hi Singhdeol
As this is a school project we cannot help you too much, but hopefully this will be a starting point for you.
This is a simple example of controlling a stepper motor for you to look at
It is configured as below

Astrosyn Y129-5 Unipolar Stepper Motor (Rapid Electronics)
Bit 0 = A1 = Brown
Bit 1 = A2 = Red
Bit 2 = B1 = Orange
Bit 3 = B2 = Yellow

Center Taps = Ground = Black & White

Im using the EB011 power board, which uses the L293 IC
If you do a search on the forums there is a fair bit of information on the site.
The following flowchart is in FC4 (Sorry I dont have V3)
Stepper Motor Test - Port C Full Step.fcf
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