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PIC16F690 - NRF24L04

Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2013 8:48 am
by JanB

I hope someone can help me.

I have two PIC16F690 and two RX-TX Nordic NRF24L01 with pcb board. (common on eBay) I was yesterday evening almost all the evening searching on internet and this forum on how to connect this modules together and let communicate. I can’t find anything….. :-(

Some people say it is possible with this hardware, other people say it is not possible with this hardware and have to use “bit bang”

I’m really confused now. Can someone help me and if it is possible to write a simple FCF to help me understand how this works. My goal is just to let flash a LED on both sides.

Side A
PIC16F690 – NRF24L01 – push swith- and the LED is turning on on Side B. And reverse from Side B to A. Just very simple to let me understand how things are working.

later I want also to send some text between two 16x2 LCD display's.

If necessary, I have also two PIC16F628A.



Re: PIC16F690 - NRF24L04

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 10:52 am
by Benj
Hello Jan,

The module seems to be SPI driven so you should be able to use the SPI Legacy component to drive the module. Take care to toggle the CS pin manually using an output icon or a component such as a LED.

The chip your using seems to have the SPI peripheral so you should be ok to use this.

Regarding actually getting the module to communicate and send and receive it might be best if you can get a code example of the SPI commands so you can replicate in your own Flowcode program.

Re: PIC16F690 - NRF24L04

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 7:57 pm
by JanB
Hi Ben,

Thanks for your answer, I really appreciate it. I don’t have much free time to find out the use of SPI commands. This is my life, after my normal job I do some free job. :-)

I will try to learn the SPI commands and search this forum for solutions. Maybe I can solve my question.

In hardware I have this configuration:


3,3V for both NRF24L01 and 5V for both PIC16F690. And ICSP for both chips.

On side A is a switch and on side B is a LED. When you push the switch on side A, the LED on side B has to go on. And later reverse.

Just for information.

Thanks again,


Re: PIC16F690 - NRF24L04

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 5:31 pm
by JanB
Please, can someone give me a simple working fcf file? I try to understand SPI commands but I have doubts that my hardware is maybe not good.

I need a simple working file so that I can look to my hardware if there are some problems. Just push the switch on side A and turn on the LED on side B.

If someone would make this for me than i'm really thankfull.

Re: PIC16F690 - NRF24L04

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 6:13 pm
by dazz
Hi Jan
Can you please sign up for access to the correct forums the link is in my sig (its very difficult for people to telepathically know which version of flowcode you are using and if posted in the correct forum should ensure that your issues will get dealt with)

I can appreciate you are busy , we all are most of us help here voluntarily and are very busy in our spare time, we can only help so much the best I can offer is if you post your flowchart in the correct forum them someone can look at it and point out if theres anything wrong. Its extremely difficult to offer help if we don't know what parts you are getting stuck with, Please download the example files for your version of Flowcode from the main Matrix site. and study the files as there are working examples available there


Re: PIC16F690 - NRF24L04

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:12 pm
by JanB
Hi dazz,

Thanks for your answer. There is no way that we can spend € 231.- for a new version of FlowCode. We don’t have the money for it, this is Holland and this is reality. Holland is shipping all his money to Greece and other countries.

This new article (posted today at 12-02-2013) makes me so angry: please copy the text and translate it in Google. ... inder.html

If you don’t want to translate this article, I have translate via Google one piece.

“Most MPs in January saw their gross salary of 7300 Euros per month with 170 Euros suddenly fall. “

Big tragedy now in Holland…. :-)

I thank you all for helping me. This is the live situation, I hope you understand me and us.

Regards and greetings,


Re: PIC16F690 - NRF24L04

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:46 pm
by medelec35
JanB wrote:There is no way that we can spend € 231.- for a new version of FlowCode.
Sorry Jan, If you have not got the professional version, then you will not have any advanced components eg.

Code: Select all

SPI master, I2C master, SPI(legacy), Internet 
TCP/IP, Webserver, CAN bus, Advanced CAN bus, LIN master, LIN slave, EEPROM, 
IrDA, Bluetooth, GPS, RS232, Graphical colour LCD display, FAT16, MIDI, USB HID, USB 
slave, USB serial bus, Zigbee, RFID, Stepper 
motor, Servo motor, Speech, One wire bus.
etc available for you to use :(

So if you was given a Flowchart that has the solution, you would not be able to compile it to hex or a target device.

Re: PIC16F690 - NRF24L04

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 9:00 pm
by JanB
Hi medelec35,

Thanks for your reply. I know, and I understand it.



Re: PIC16F690 - NRF24L04

Posted: Mon Jul 15, 2013 4:33 pm
by aura809
Has anyone get lucky with these NRF24L01 modules in Flowcode PIC?