16f690 interupt does not work with FlowcodeV3

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16f690 interupt does not work with FlowcodeV3

Post by Maxibabe »

Hi, can any one help me get the RA2 INT work on the simulator. I am working in flowcode V3, using the 16F690 as my target chip.
I'm having problems enabling the interup RB0INT. I have been through most of the forums in Matrix and have come across a few topics which deal with this problem, but non of the solutions given seem to be of any good. In my last atempt to get things working on the simulator, I downloaded a file posted by Benj called. "FCD_Generate_File" which contained an updated version of all the FCD files belonging to the whole range of chips in the 16F690 family. After instaling the updated FCD file into flowcodeV3 and running a simple interupt RB0int ,it still wouldn't work !!. All i get if I try to compile to HEX ,is a list of erorrs,and a failed message at the end of compile.

Any One have any idea on how I can get it to work..... or should I dump the 16F690 and go with some other 20 pin chip?


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Re: 16f690 interupt does not work with FlowcodeV3

Post by Enamul »

I think I have Flowcode V3 somewhere in my stuffs. Can you please post your program so that I can test that? Please allow me some time as we are not using V3 anymore?
You can try using Flowcode v5 free version. If you are not need to strict with the chip you mentioned.
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