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Support available?

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Due to problems with v5 on an old project I have had to reinstall v3 which I had used to develop it. Can anyone tell me if v3.6.11.53 is the reasonably up to date version?

Also how likely am I to get a little support on this v3 forum as upon first trying out my old working FCD in V3 it won’t compile? I have seen this problem before – something to do with C lines- but struggling to remember it all now as have been using v5 for a year now.

The problem is that when I compare the C Code of it done in v3 and v5 there are hundreds of differences. Most quite trivial but one of two of them must be stopping the code working on real hardware. It’s too difficult for me with my limited knowledge of C to understand where the problem is but I’d suspect the A/D routine or LCD component as the 2 are quite different in v5.

Is there anywhere a published list of likely suspects to look for when upgrading?

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