Flowcode programming (heart pulse monitor)

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Flowcode programming (heart pulse monitor)

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Hi guys,

I am building a Heart rate monitor based on an optical sensor attached on the Index finger and i am using PIC16F84A microcontroller for counting the beats per minute.
I am using Flowcode for programming the PIC and what i need to do is to program the PIC to count the time between two peaks(digital pulses in its input RB0) and do that for about 10 seconds and after to give an average result (Heart Rate) in beats per minute (Heart Rate=60/Time).
I have attached the high gain amplifier for the opto sensor and the flowcode template.
The Flowcode template for the pulse rate monitor It sets up the interrupts to count the number of ms between pulse edges - and i need to calculate the pulse rate from this. The code has comments in to explain what each block does.
I would really appreciate it if you could give me a hand!
Thank you for your help!
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