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Post by gman »

Hi everybody,

I would like to help me about the following task.

Follow the instructions below. You should write your own program using Flowcode to demonstrate the task specified below.Assessment will be made on the successful demonstration of the task and the program written to execute the task.


1. Write a program that will time the duration for which button A0 is pressed.
2. Transfer your program to the development board (XT mode).
3. Modify your program so that it counts in second intervals in 100ths of a second and displays the results on the quad 7-segment display.

I'd be grateful if you help me.


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Post by Ian »

Sounds like a course assesment you are working on.

Please note that the forums are for helping people with problems, and for advice and tips, not to get pre-done solutions to assesments.

If you have any specific problems or areas of the assesment where you are stuck please let us know and we can help you with them.

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