high quality graphical output of flowcharts - HowTo

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high quality graphical output of flowcharts - HowTo

Postby nils » Sat Apr 05, 2008 2:48 pm

Hi there

as I already suggested a vector based output of the flowcharts for Flowcode, I came up with a solution on my own which I want to share with you.
So here my small howto to get a scalable flowchart for everyone.

again have fun with it, comments are welcome.
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Flowchart high quality vector graphic output =>>http://tinyurl.com/6sx2sx

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Re: high quality graphical output of flowcharts - HowTo

Postby Steve » Sun Apr 06, 2008 9:35 pm

Hi Nils,

Thanks very much for the info - I hope others find it useful.

I'd like to share the way I use to get a decent printable output from the current version of Flowcode:

1) Select the font carefully and choose a small font size (possibly as low as 20).
2) Make the Flowcode as big as possible (hold F3 until the zoom gets no bigger)
3) File..Save image as BMP

Now the saved BMP file will probably be very large, but when it is imported into a word processing document such as Microsoft Word, it can be shrunk but it still keeps its quality. This also has the advantage that more of the text will be visible within the boxes.

If the file sizes are too large, you can try saving as a JPEG. The quality will not be quite as good, but will probably be adequate - especially when the image is shrunk inside the word processor.