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Interrupt TMR0 simulation hangs

Posted: Sun Mar 12, 2006 1:54 pm
by bns
the situation:

I am programming a 16F88 with the interrupt TMR0 active. In the INTERRUPT_TMR0 macro, I have programmed (with the flowcharts)the following calculation: counter=counter + 1
Then a decision: if counter = 60 then seconds = seconds + 1
counter = 0
else do nothing

In the main menu I just use the LCD display to display the seconds

the problem:

in the simulation mode, everything works fine for a couple of iterations, but then after some time, it doesn't go into the TMR interrupt anymore. It just keeps going through the main menu, but because the TMR interrupt doesn't work anymore, the seconds doesn't add up.

When I program it on the development board, everything works correctly.

I have tried playing with the clock speed, prescaler etc., but it doesn't solve it.

Any ideas?


Posted: Tue Mar 14, 2006 10:41 am
by Steve
Hi Bart,

Yes, I have just been able to replicate this problem. Unfortunately, I cannot see a simple fix. I will put it onto my bugs list and hopefully solve it in v3.

Thanks for pointing it out.