strings in v3

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strings in v3

Postby Steve » Fri Mar 31, 2006 1:39 pm

Work on v3 is progressing really well. We're very pleased with what we have done here and I can't wait to let you lot have a look at it too.

At this stage, though, I'd like to get a bit more feedback about what is required with a few features - specifically interrupts (I'll ask about this in a separate thread) and strings.

Strings are posing a bit of a problem due to the RAM memory constraints of PICmicros, so there are going to be a few compromises along the way - don't expect full VB-like functionality.

So my question is, what kind of things would you like to see? How should strings be defined by a FlowCode user? How should strings be used (i.e. what functions are required for string manipulation)? ...etc...etc...

Any input will be greatefully received.

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Postby Chet » Fri Mar 31, 2006 11:16 pm

There is always the option of external memory (which I hope is a component in V3)
A string tool would be nice for serial, LCD output ect.