Graphic LCD

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Graphic LCD

Post by tompzone »

Hi i want to use this GLCD ... 9256398022
but i want to know if the lcd can be driven directly with the GLCD macro component included in flowcoe, or if it cant what needs to be modified to make it work, thanks alot

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Re: Graphic LCD

Post by Spanish_dude »


At the very end of the page you can download a PIC18F458 example code for a Philips controller.
I don't know if it's compatible or not with the gLCD component., but if they do have the same driver it should be.


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Re: Graphic LCD

Post by Benj »


Looks to me like it should be compatible with the v1 EB043 board and so should be compatible with Flowcode.

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Re: Graphic LCD

Post by 41AFU52 »

hi, I want to use 128*64 GLCD with my electronic circuit..But I couldnt find this GLCD in Flowcode v4 for Pic.. Is there a 128*64 GLCD in flowcode??

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