Wireless Module WIZ610WI Help

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Wireless Module WIZ610WI Help

Post by Jordy101091 »

Hi all,

Since im using Flowcode version 6 open beta, I thought this might be the wright place to ask my question.
Now I have hookup a serial to wireless module the WIZ610WI the same that's been used for the EB069 Eblock.

The firmware that is loaded into the module is version 1.2.4.
I have tried to communicate with this module by using the specific macro's.
It doesn't seem to work at all for the time being but I was wondering since I can access this module with my wireless adapter connected to the windows machine, do I need to configure this module before I can use it with Flowcode.
There are a lot of settings to can be adjusted such as:
  • Network Settings
    Wireless Settings
    Serial Settings
Can somebody clear this up for me.

Regards Jordy
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