Flowcode v6 Tutorial Videos

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Flowcode v6 Tutorial Videos

Post by DavidA »

Hi Guys,

We have now got most of the tutorial videos online, we will be updating it over the coming weeks with more and more.

Suggestions are very welcome.

Criticisms as well too :)

http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL ... MzZdLILceQ

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Re: Flowcode v6 Tutorial Videos

Post by acestu »

Hi David,

I was just wondering if your video guys have put plenty of taggs on the tutorial vids on youtube, the reason I am asking is that if you do a search on youtube for "flowcode 6 tutorial" or "flowcode 6 training" or similar, all you get is mostly the old flowcode 5 stuff.

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Re: Flowcode v6 Tutorial Videos for v5 user

Post by Mark »

Hi Ben,

I have just started with Flowcode 6 and am very impressed with the videos.

Two initial reactions jump out for me, and therefore may be helpful to you.

Whilst there is a video talking about the differences between Flowcode 5 and 6 I would like to see (maybe it is there already?) A hands-on how-to set up a project starting from the point of view of an Experienced Flowcode 5 user. For example, I expected that I would put a component up, right click on it and change the connections. It took me 10 videos, and a snippet towards the end of video 10 to tell me where I should look to make the changes - I had not picked up the step change in approach, so was expecting something else.

More generally, such a video, or perhaps a companion, which outlined the thought process (from a programmer point of view) on changes going from Flowcode 5 to 6 would be helpful. I mostly find with software that when I get my mind round the thought process (i.e. saying why a structure was adopted, rather than simply saying that it is there and how good it is) of the team preparing the package then the rest is simply a matter of familiarisation.

Rather than put up by another post, I initially tried to set of a project with the e-blocks multi-programmer, the switch block and the LED block, and I was rather expecting I could immediately access graphic representations, or least setups of those components. As it was I seem to have been having to put in each LED separately - I'm sure I've missed the plot (LED array only gave 1 LED and I could not find the replicator parameter, as is present with the switches to multiply it up eightfold) - but it gives you a feel as to the information I am missing.

If the material is already there, then a polite pointer to it would be helpful.


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Re: Flowcode v6 Tutorial Videos

Post by Benj »

Hello Mark,

Thanks for your comments, I agree with what your saying and we are working on improving the situation for anyone coming from previous versions as well as for new users.

The Flowcode help wiki has recently been overhauled by me and is hopefully much cleaner to use to find information. I have also added in some of the methodology which was used when designing the v6 system but there is proabbly a lot more that will need doing to get it all nice and straightforward. Another video going through the v5 to v6 upgrade process for users certainly wouldn't hurt so I will get it on the official list of things to do.

Flowcode 6 Wiki - http://www.matrixmultimedia.com/wiki/in ... =Main_Page

We are working on a new release which has tidied up a lot of things like the LED and Switch arrays so they start with 8 instances of the item instead of 1 and also cleaned up the properties of all components so they all have applicable tool tips to try and head of any ambiguity. We have also provided examples for pretty much all components now and need to go through and do the same for events and simulation function calls.

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