Mloader error on 18F24K50

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Mloader error on 18F24K50

Post by kersing »

Mloader reports an error when trying to program 18F24K50.
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Re: Mloader error on 18F24K50

Post by gwig »

I am receiving this mLoader Error "invalid CSV file" when 18F24K50 device(s) is installed in HP1110 USB Project board.
I have a few of these boards currently in production line working beautifully.
Problem is , I zapped one device with about 9 V D.C. on analog input & purchased some 18F24K50 devices from Microchip supplier.
Any devices originally shipped with project boards work fine, but these new devices will not.
I have tried putting them in EB006 V9 board, EB006 V8-2 with EB072 ZIF socket programmer.
mLoader recognizes the device as a 18F24K50 but gives this fatal error.
I would like to have spares as backup for programs currently in production.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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