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Default language

Post by PicoPuls »

At installation flowcode picks the local language as default.

I generally think that the advantages are overwhelming to always set english as default.

It is not possible to keep help systems in all languages
and translations to smaller languages are always
more or less poor. This causes confusion.

For example; After installation my flowcode was in swedish.
It was even quite hard to find where to switch to english as the swedish text was so confusing.

After having english texts everywhere everything became much easier to understand.

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Re: Default language

Post by EtsDriver »

I personally know this too, my first computer was in swedish that is not my primarly spoken language and even tough the install was english i had to get my swedish teacher to help me with changing the language to finnish. Now i use the english primarly as the finnish version is not complete translation.
Ill just keep the good work up!

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