Serial USB with FTDI 232 USB Chip

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Serial USB with FTDI 232 USB Chip

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As I am working my way through FC I thought this might help some one else .
This project uses the FTDI Serial to USB chip to give an embedded controller USB functionality.I usually include the FTDI chip on my Proto type PCB which allow me real time data monitoring
of the controller .

(1) FC6 Project
(2) Visual Studio 2008 Project ,This project read the Raw ADC conversion data send over the Serial USB link and display the value,this project can be used with VB Express too the free version


Ps : I forgot to mention in my VB example I use a very simple timer event to initiate transmission by sending a send Command "S" and then read the serial Port as the mcu on this command transmit it data,
However you can implement the more appropriate way by creating a delegate routine that handle the data when it is received at the serial port A good reference is the Book from Jan Axelson " Serial Port Complete "

ISBN 978-1-931448-06-2

VB.Net 2008 GUI
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