problem ebm001

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problem ebm001

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Hello Benj as per your request, I am attaching the file matrixprog.fcfx of Flowcode 6 concerning ebm001.
I remind you that the problems are in the slow pace of implementation of graphics and written, in simulation and fast.
Beny doing the same with eb075 Empowerment Website Project with Flowcode 6 there are these problems: the font byte 0 is displayed while the byte 1,2,3 in the simulation is not displayed on mentren GLCD is only displayed only 0,1,2
Benj macro setdisplayorientation in simulation is performed while in gLCDeb075 not performed.
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Re: problem ebm001

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The EBM001 can be quite slow on some devices but it depends on the speed of your microcontroller as to how fast it can clock out the pixel data to the display. An ECIO40 is quite fast and a ECIO40P16 is very fast.

The 4D displays work in a completely different way then our standard bit banged gLCD and so the font size and display orientation will not work with these. The good news is that the VISI component allows you to design a front end using the 4D systems tool and then control the interface using the Flowcode VISI component. ... 28Comms%29

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