C for ARMs program installation problem

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C for ARMs program installation problem

Post by Z.K. »

I am not sure this is the correct forum, but I did not see anywhere else to put this.

I have the C for ARM E-blocks starter pack and I tried installing the software on a Windows XP machine, but it does not seem to want to work with Java 7. Java 1.5 which it requires is no longer available. I was able to download the runtime via the program interface, but it requires the SDK to run the java applet and I don't know where to get that. Does anyone know how to get Java 1.5 SDK installed or how to get this program to work with Java 7?


Never mind, I managed to get it working. I had Java disabled for browsers because of the Java security bug. I Re-enabled it using the Java control panel and now the applet is working.


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Re: C for ARMs program installation problem

Post by Benj »

Thanks for letting us know how you solved the issue.

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