Fixup overflow at function-call

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Fixup overflow at function-call

Post by Andreas »


I am working on a project in FlowCode 7, in which, one of the functions is driven only by assembly.

My program have worked fine, but somewhere I had to do some changes, and I had to change an if-statement from working with ">" to work with ">=", and now I get three fixup-overflow errors, when compiling (I use mplab xc8)

By looking at the msg.txt and .lst files I have found out that the error occurs when calling a certain function. I have attached both files.

It seems like the error occurs at 0x0c6d, 0x0c80, 0x0c93. At all three locations my function FCM_NUL is being called. The first line of this function seems to be at location 07F9 (not sure I have read this correctly from the .lst file, though).

I am using the controller PIC16F88, and by looking at the datasheet, I found out that the three error locations are found at page 1, while the first line of the called function is at page 0 of the program-memory on the chip. I have tried to clear PCLATH <4:3> just before the function call, but without luck.

I am new at fixup-overflow-erros, and at reading the .lst file, so maybe I have done some false assumptions in my investigation of the problem. As a result I hope that someone in here could help me demystifying my error

- Andreas

For your convenience I have also attached an image of the program-memory-map for the PIC
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Kombination af LED og mic V6.1.msg.txt
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Kombination af LED og mic V6.1.lst.txt
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