C For PICMicro - Need Help

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C For PICMicro - Need Help

Post by TaylorATM »

I am very new to PIC programming, so I bought the C for PICMicro V3.0 by Matrix Multimedia. I get errors for every example that I try to compile because it says that the functions are obsolete.

Is there some sort of update that would provide examples that actually work with the C2Cplus (in SourceBoost) program provided on the CD? I am not using the programmer that is mentioned on the CD. Instead I am using a K149-BC programmer and I am using a 16f628.

Could someone send me a C program that will compile in C2Cplus, that simply makes an LED blink on and off?

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Post by Ian »

the 'functions are obsolete' and 'result may be truncated' messages are warnings to let you know there are potential problems or may be a newer prefered way of doing something. These warnings can be safely ignored.

Warnings do not prevent compilation, errors do. If you can find out what the errors are you can then see about fixing them.

Check the Errors listed to see what they are. If you are unsure what they mean post the error message and the bit of code it is in.

Start with the first error as many errors cascade and cause additional errors later on.

A couple of common issues are:

TMR1O error.
Caused by the default interrupt handler setting.

Missing ; from the line before, but reports as an error on the next line.

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