PROBLEM: App Inventor 2 doesn't work w/ QR code in course

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PROBLEM: App Inventor 2 doesn't work w/ QR code in course

Post by mmb »

I don't seem to find this topic in the forum; apologies if I missed it somehow.

I'm trying to follow the instructions in ... Course.pdf

on page 19.

Steps to reproduce:

1) In App Inventor 2, I scan the relevant QR code (the one on the right); it gets read and displayed as .
NOTE: That screen of App Inventor 2 mentions the option of entering a *6*-character code; obviously the last part of that URL is *7* characters.

2) When I touch the "connect with code" button, I get prompted by Android: "Open with Package installer [just once / always]".

3) I select "just once". I get a dismissable dialog box that says "There was a problem parsing the package. [OK]" I dismiss that by pressing [OK].

4) I also try entering only the "7h5n6ay", and touching "connect with code" --> the screen flickers for a moment but that's all.

If anyone could help with this, it'd be greatly appreciated.

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Re: PROBLEM: App Inventor 2 doesn't work w/ QR code in course

Post by medelec35 »

Hi mmb,
Welcome to the forums.
The code on the left of the datasheet is the app that's installed on your phone,
The code on the right is for your PC.
Steps 1 & 2 on page 19 are taken on your PC, not mobile.
You load the Template (link on the right which is aia file that has to be extracted first) within ai2 on your PC by selecting Projects, Import project (.aia) from my computer:
(77.93 KiB) Downloaded 2372 times
Once the project is loaded on your PC, Follow the instruction regarding dragging switches etc.
once the switches are dragged and macros are added that's when you use the app on the phone to Scan QR code.
The QR code to scan is generated via the ai2 loaded on the PC.
To generate QR code select within your browser Connect, AI companion
You can then use your phone or tablet to control the robot.

After developing on ai2, if you are still having trouble getting Allcode robot to work,
then post aia file in this topic.
To do that within the browser that's got your project, selectProjects, Export selected project (.aia) to my computer,
You will need to zip the .aia file then upload the zip file.
If you are still stuck, I will walk you through it step by step.

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