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Wiki: USB Application Guide

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Re the V7 Wiki - USB Application Guide ... tion_Guide

Looking to learn more about USB interfaces and flow code,
When I click in the example to download them I get a message "you do not have permission to modify this page" ?

Looking for tutorials / example in Visual Basic or VBA (VBA Preferred at this moment in time, a royal pain to try and get software installed onto a pc at work)

Before I get too carried away i have some questions.

1. What do the EX.. terminal drivers do ? I will get asked what they do, why do I want them etc .... do i need any other drivers ?
2. Will i also get into problems with windows "group security policy" This has caused issues in the past with USB devices and nice red "X" saying blocked by group security policy when you plug in a device.

I am looking to:

1. read a digital input(s)
2. set a digital output(s)
3. read an analogue input(s)
4. eco a string to an RS232 port - (later day)

any advise greatly received

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