32MZ2048EFG144 UART flowcontrol

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32MZ2048EFG144 UART flowcontrol

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Good morning.
While setting up a UART component on channel 6 I've noticed that the CTS and RTS pins can be assigned to unsupported locations. PIC used: 32MZ2048EFG144. There are tables in the datasheet stating which pins can be used, on pages 251 and 254.
When chosen correctly the pins function without an issue so the bug is minor.


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Re: 32MZ2048EFG144 UART flowcontrol

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Hello Piotr,

For the flow control pins CTS and RTS we use a software implementation and not the actual hardware flow control pins of the chip. Mainly because most chip families don't have hardware flow control pins. Therefore the pins can be freely allocated to any I/O pin without any major drawback.

The TX and RX pins are different and will be tied to the hardware pins if a hardware UART channel is selected.

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