Interruption Timer

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Interruption Timer

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I am currently working on a project, involving the use of a TIMER, in order to make a motor turn and detect the battery level (Link here is the demo, the real one hast to count 1 day before activating the motor)

There are a lot of things I don't understand.

1) I stil do not understand how the Prescaler calculated

I am using a 32768Hz quartz

2) The second problem is that once I am in the main loop, the TIMER (using TIMER1)does not increase (+1). I had to use a MACRO for it. Is that normal? What should I change ?

3) Since I am new to programming do you have some tips to improve my program efficiency which is like a dynosaur currently xp ahah (I'd like to become a roboticist)

My program is in french so xP hope you won't mind
Carroussel Journalier Programme3 démoF.fcfx
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