Switch Simulation vrs Target

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Switch Simulation vrs Target

Post by Collimare »

I am slowly getting all my amateur issues resolved. Thanks for all the help and patience Ben and Dave!

My target has pull ups on the switch inputs so it needs an active low function. If I set the switch active low, the function wait until low, it works correctly in the target but the simulation is backwards forcing me to set the switch to active high, function wait until high, to run the simulation and then back to lows to program target. What am I missing here?

Thank you very much!
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Re: Switch Simulation vrs Target

Post by dazz »

Hi i was caught out like that but have a read of these links and it should help
http://www.matrixmultimedia.com/mmforum ... igh#p17597

use this link whilst reading the above link( steves reply is the one you need to digest http://www.winpicprog.co.uk/pic_tutorial_extras.htm


Also what are you trying to do in your flowchart im assuming you want the LED to flash 5 times when the button is pressed is thas right ? , if so let me know and i can pop up an alternative flowchart hth
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