Cheap PCB manufacturing

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Cheap PCB manufacturing

Post by Zane »

I have recently finished a job and needed PCB's to be made. I found a place in China called Seeed studios.

If you stay within their standard manufacturing parameters it gives you a board 100mm x 100mm or smaller, 1oz copper, green solder mask etc and the cost of 10 identical boards is $4.90 US but the postage via DHL to New Zealand was $25 US or via Singapore post it came down to about $15 US. Quite an affordable option and I was very happy with the quality of the finished product.
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Re: Cheap PCB manufacturing

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Hi Zane

Thank for the info.

A few days ago, I also looked at the company to make a few PCBs. So I will do this now. For the next small project, I let Seeed solder the part too.

I already have several small finished modules from seed (grove) in use.
Seed also provides the eagle files for these modules and eagle files can be imported to altium. ... -c-24.html

And I suspect FC8 already supports some of these modules
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Re: Cheap PCB manufacturing

Post by Docara »


I've used JLCPCB with good results www.jlcpcb,com with good results. They charge $2 (£1.52) initially for 5 boards and about £15 delivery

I later found out that if you use JLCPCB's PCB software (EasyEDA) and order your whole project through them you can also discounted components


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Re: Cheap PCB manufacturing

Post by kersing »

There are a number of cheap options to have you PCBs manufactured. I've used several of them over the years, one thing to be aware of when using some of the cheap options is the solder mask clearance (minimal space between pads to have solder mask between the pads). Some are unable to provide solder mask between the pins of TSOP packages making it difficult to solder them without short circuiting pins.

Some options I used are:
- DirtyPCBS
- PCBway
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