Nested Variable

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Nested Variable

Post by beneee »

Hi All,

Hopefully this is not a duplicate question as i have searched and I have the terminology correct but i am trying to get a nested variable working, here is a crude example of the code that I am attempting to get working.

- Variables -
ActiveTeam = 1
Team1Colour = Red
Team2Colour = Green
Team3Colour = Blue

- Program Output -
Your team Colour = Team(ActiveTeam)Colour

I really hope that makes sense.


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Re: Nested Variable

Post by Benj »


It sounds like you maybe need a multi dimensional array.


Would give you two teams each with three colour values.

You would then reference like this.

Red = TeamColours[ActiveTeam][0]
Green = TeamColours[ActiveTeam][1]
Blue = TeamColours[ActiveTeam][2]

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