Help With Interrupt On Port B...

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Help With Interrupt On Port B...

Post by Sparkoids »

OK here is one.

I have managed to *nearly* sort out my quadrature encoder project but have run into yet another issue.

Using an Interrupt when I read the change on Port B using the EB-073 encoder in Ben's example 1 it jumps to a Macro which is great blah blah but because the encoder is still being turned therefore Port B is still changing and the Interrupt keeps getting triggered and jumping back to that macro SO the question is as follows.

Can I go to a Macro on the Port B Interrupt (which in Ben's example is to check for changes) and turn off the Interrupt at the beginning of the Macro then turn it back on again as I leave the jumped to Macro?

At the moment Flowcode isn't compiling to the chip because it detects an error on the Interrupt being already set at the beginning of Main.

The timings are going bananas because of the speed I am turning the encoder but that is what I need. Turn clockwise - do one thing until I either stop turning or reverse to anti-clockwise and do something else.

Anyone please?

James :-}

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Re: Help With Interrupt On Port B...

Post by LeighM »

Could you post your latest program?

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