LCD 128x64 ST7535 - V7 not work, V8 work

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LCD 128x64 ST7535 - V7 not work, V8 work

Postby maharadga » Mon Oct 14, 2019 4:45 pm

I wanted to test display WG1206H8FSW6G /128x64, ST7535/ in paralel mode. I maked very simple program with one word, rectangle and circle.
I also added a simple LED to see if the program works.
In Flowcode V7 program not work, I didn't see anything on display. I try both 8080 and 6800 mode, because not sure what use Flowcode.
In Flowcode V8 program work.
The programs are the same. Chip are the same. But result is not.
And in both version Flowcode if I choise right color of background and foreground, i.e. white and black in simulation in Flowcode I didn't see anything on display in 2D or 3D panel. I must change color of foreground to white, to see the word and pictures.

The most interesting is that the LED does not work either in Flowcode V7. In Flowcode V8 is work.

I think this maybe bug in Flowcode V7.
Couple months ago I wanted test different display /also 128x64, ST7535/ and again unsucess try.

Someone of guru's have any idea what happens?

Thank You.
Display WG1206H8FSW6G-B.pdf
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Display 128x64_V8.fcfx
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Display 128x64_V7.fcfx
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Re: LCD 128x64 ST7535 - V7 not work, V8 work

Postby Benj » Wed Dec 04, 2019 11:22 am


Sorry for the delay, not sure how this post got missed. Please feel free to shout if you are not getting an answer.

Here is an updated v7 component for you to try. Simply copy the file to your "Flowcode 7/Components" folder and restart Flowcode.

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Also I noticed in your program the component properties are set to individual pins but the connections are listed as a full port B0-B7. In this case switch individual pins to full port and it should allow the display to run much faster.

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Re: LCD 128x64 ST7535 - V7 not work, V8 work

Postby Dutch » Fri Dec 13, 2019 12:56 pm

Searching for possible answers I found this topic. im also putting up a demo 4x20 LCD for a project. its the LGM12864H1 module with T6963C controller. I made up a demo program but I cant get any on the screen. The module itself came out a working unit. I added resistors to all outputs in pull down and pull up configuration but no effect both ways.
After reading this I updated to last flowcode version and re compiled but still no output on the screen. im using an Atmel 328P as processor. the pins of the unit are all directly connected. the schematics of various online examples suggest the same. I have not tried with flowcode 8. Could the macro maybe contain the same 'error' as the original posted one?

I have a 2x16 LCD (macro lcd_eb005) im 'playing' with too and that one works fine in FC7.