Flowcode Version For E Blocks

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Flowcode Version For E Blocks

Post by SoCalRacer »

Regarding the original E Blocks.

A Multiprogrammer for PIC's and 3 accessory boards. LED, pushbuttons and LCD.

Which version of Flowcode works best with those please?

Here is pic of the Multiprogrammer.
E Blocks Multiprogrammer Board.jpg
E Blocks Multiprogrammer Board.jpg (150.09 KiB) Viewed 615 times

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Re: Flowcode Version For E Blocks

Post by medelec35 »

Hi SoCalRacer,
Welcome to the forums
Only v9 is available to purchase.
My advice would be to try a free 30day trial and see how you get on with it.
You will be able to register on the same URL the the link takes you to.
There is a dedicated V9 forum to ask questions in or share knowledge.
Main website is here.

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