Welcome to the Flowcode v8 Forums!

For Flowcode users to discuss projects, flowcharts, and any other issues related to Flowcode 8.

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Welcome to the Flowcode v8 Forums!

Post by DavidA »

Hi All,

Welcome to the new Flowcode v8 forums.

Flowcode 8 will be available shortly at: https://www.matrixtsl.com/flowcode/

Please use this forum to ask any questions regarding the newest version.

New features include:

- Raspberry Pi as a target
- Code folding and Icon grouping
- C code simulation and conversion
- Blocks and Psuedocode programming modes

As for using this forum:

- Please use the "Bug Reports" forum to report any issues you have with Flowcode
- Feature requests should also be in the appropriate forum.

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Re: Welcome to the Flowcode v8 Forums!

Post by jgu1 »

Hi David!

Thank’s. Look forward to see,test and try ver.8 :D



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Re: Welcome to the Flowcode v8 Forums!

Post by petesmart »

Congratulations MM Team,

FC8 - big luanch and a big day for you!

break a leg! ( good luck in Showbiz terms!) :lol:


sorry about that Chief!

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