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Component Panel Issues

Postby Benj » Mon Feb 25, 2019 6:20 pm


We have been working hard on improving the component library in Flowcode in terms of ensuring there is a user interface as part of the panel graphics for each and every component and ensuring the component toolbar is less cluttered and more obvious.

You may find that recent changes have caused components to suddenly appear massive on your panel. This is because everything is now designed to work well together. Dragging on a fresh component will not have the issue.

The problem is caused by the local scale of the components in your panel. For example if you have scaled up a component so it will work well with other components it will now appear massive. There is an easy way to get the component back to original size following the steps below.

1) Select the component on the panel.
2) Open the Properties window
3) Select the Position tab on the properties window
4) Click on the folder named "World Size" and change the selection to "Local Scale"
5) Change the Width, Height and Depth properties to 1

The component should now be back to a sensible size on the panel.

A more thorough description and workaround is available here. ... ing_to_8.2
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