priority of operators

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priority of operators

Postby Jan Lichtenbelt » Thu May 09, 2019 7:32 pm

Using 2 bytes words like Uint (0 to 65535) and Int (-32768 to 32767) special care has to be taken if the low- and high byte are needed. This is e.g. in case of using EEPROM (with only bytes).
Say the 2 bytes variable is A and the low byte is A_low and the high byte is A_high.
1) To find the low- and high byte is possible like:
A_high= A>>8
A_low= A & 0xx00FF //(with & is AND)
2) If the low- and high byte are known, then A can be calculated like:
A= (A-high<<8) + A_low.

I first did A= A_high<<8+A_low, but find out that gave wrong results. I had the feeling that the priority of << is higher then +. But that is wrong. The priority is shown in the table below of presence of operators.

Precedence of operators.jpg
Precedence of operators.jpg (41.12 KiB) Viewed 1438 times

It shows that operator + has a higher priority (4) compared to the operator << (priority=5)

In the statement A=(A_high<<8)+ A_low the parentheses () are needed. Of course, there is an alternative like:
A= A_high<<8
A=A+ A_low

Kind regards

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