How to import Library to Flowcode

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How to import Library to Flowcode

Post by streammaster »

Hi Guys,
I'm about to buy some libraries which are only delivered as precompiled binary and header files for a specific processor.
Is there any document which describes how we can import this so we can use it within Flowcode.
The library is an implementation of a communication protocol with SPI drivers to interface to a specific transceiver IC. It would have some calls to send and receive data, and calls for configuration.
I will try to use it with PIC18LF64K40T

I have no idea where to start.


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Re: How to import Library to Flowcode

Post by Benj »

Hello Igor,

Are there instructions on how to use the library with the XC8 C compiler? If so then it should work ok with Flowcode but you will have to use C icons to reference the library functions.

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