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Hi all. In wanting to make a pan and tilt spotlight I thought it may be simpler to use a dmx unit. I would like to control this using a raspberry pi. So my question is: is there a particular hat/shield that works well or what's is everyone's opinion on the physical wiring interface method

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Re: Dmx

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I made something with dmx but the files aren't on this computer .If i remember it was 4 wires tx ,rx vdd gnd ,not that hard to put some data on the dmx line's I programmed it with a Arduino don't know if it is that easy with a raspberry pi but think it isn't that hart :wink:
If you order the chip from china you have to solder 2 resistors to it work with it . I will gife you 'n update when i have access to it . If you are interested in easy dmx sending data flowcode chart i will upload it for you .

hoop i answered some of your questions
good luck :D


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