Nice to know about gLCD_SSD1306_i2c1

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Nice to know about gLCD_SSD1306_i2c1

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I made a program with a gLCD and a LCD(16x2). In the Flowcode the gLCD has been initialised first followed by the LCD. I programmed one microchip (16LF18857) and tried it out on 2 different PCB board and one breadboard with amazing results. On board the "Hello world" on the LCD screen was shown directly, as expected. However, the other 2 boards did show the text only after about 3 minutes (started with the first line with rectangular black's).

It took a long while to find out what was the reason of the unexpected delay of 3 minutes. The only difference was that the good working PCB had the gLCD connected to the I2C B1 and B2 ports with resistances of 1k8 to V+ (=3V3). The other two boards worked fine if I added at least the pull-up resistances to B1 and B2.

Conclusions: The initialising step in Flowcode for the I2C-gLCD delays Flowcode about 3 minutes if the I2C output ports are open. This in contrast with the start-up procedure of the LCD.

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