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Post by DavidJ »

Hi Ben

I normally use my flowkit2 with Arduino which works fine. I initially had problems on the ict as the allocating the pins but eventually worked not sure if you updated the software anyway works fine

I am now trying to use it with my ECIO40P16 on ict

I am experiencing problem as does not give option to select automatic or manual selection and it does not pick up automatically from the data recorder and is also not possible to sect manually
(This problem is similar to the problem I initially had using Arduino)

Any thoughts

Also on ICD
After I select compile and load the green indication drops back to blue i.e. drops out of icd immediately ?
I did notice that the flowkit settings are fixed at G6 and E2 and not possible to change when using ECIOP16
Also looking at the compiled file I see clock port='6' pin='3' data port='4' pin='2'
data port setting looks okay but would have thought CLOCK port 6 should be pin 6 to tie in with the displayed clock settings

Looking at the FCD file for ECIO40P16 is this correct ?
<clock port='6' pin='3' /> ???
<data port='4' pin='2' />

Any thoughts have been battling with this over the last couple of days

Using latest v8 software & windows 10

Have attached file showing the screens etc

Best regards
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Post by LeighM »

Hi David,
I think the issue is that Flowcode does not allow custom settings for the Arduino version of Flowkit.
It only works with Arduino.

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Post by DavidJ »


Thanks for prompt reply

Possibly but should be unlikely as if you read the product description its the same for both versions ie "works with third party hardware" but has male headers with pins in rather than sockets to allow direct connection to Arduino

However is there possibly a firm ware difference if so what is the work around

Also not sure if this would affect the icd issue and pin numbers issues I raised on ECIOP16 FCD

Best Regards


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