STM32 Nucleo F746 - ST Cube code modules - IOTA

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STM32 Nucleo F746 - ST Cube code modules - IOTA

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Been away from the forum for a few months but back with another idea.. which typically is a bit beyond my current knowledge!
ST have their code solutions under the name STM32Cube, I think this is like there equivalent of matrix components.. pre proven code blocks to help rapid dev. Well.. they have a module for implementing IOTA distributed ledger tech on the STM32 platform.

I've noted that this cube code will run on the STM32NucleoF746 and that unit is also supported by Flowcode... but I suspect getting the two development ecosystems working together would be hard... anyone have any input on this?

The project from my side, I'm just looking at practicalities of doing it internally or outsourcing it... project would have sensor input, GPS location, then using IOTA and a GSM/4g connection to pass the result to the cloud (Tangle in IOTA terms).

All a bit new but any option to work within flowcode is always a positive!

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