Bit toggling doesn't work

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Bit toggling doesn't work

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I am trying to toggle a B9 pin on chip 33EP32MC504 and for some reason, it doesn't work when tested with a digital oscilloscope. I cannot get the bit to switch on and off. Same program when written using MPLAB in C, works fine, but for some reason, doesn't work in Flowcode. It probably has something to do with the project options, but I cannot figure out what is it exactly. The program doesn't do anything else and we measure 2V on B9, but it should be 3.3V. Please see the program attached. Thanks!
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Re: Bit toggling doesn't work

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If you are teting with a multimeter then it might be the pin is toggling on and off too fast for it to see 0V and 3V3.

This is a good simple test to get you started and to confirm your configuration settings. ... ED_flasher

Basically what you have but a bit slower.

I might try changing the XT config oscillator setting to HS depending on the value of your crystal.

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