Can V8 simulate RXINT?

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Can V8 simulate RXINT?

Post by CamargoF »

I am working with PIC16F18855 on Flowcode 8, but the RXINT is not working.
I ca read the serial port in main loop, using injector data, but the interrupt never happen.

I found a similar problem on V6 (viewtopic.php?t=12909), but I was not able to find any confirmation that it had been fixed on V8.

I appreciate any recommendation than forget the interrupt on simulation.

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Re: Can V8 simulate RXINT?

Post by Benj »

Hello Fernando,

No sorry at the moment v8 cannot simulate the RXInt, a workaround is to call the macro as part of your main program loop. You can use the IsSim component to decide if you are in simulation mode or not.

In v9 we have more capability to allow us to do this via new simulation API commands though it's currently not implemented here either. I'll see if I can bump it up the list.

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