string concatenation bug

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string concatenation bug

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Hi Ben,
I hoped that you had a chance to fix this annoying bug in the latest versions.
The issue is if the string concatenation statement contains more then two items:

In my example the "Var_name" is an Parameter and in this example is set to "This is a test 1234567823 Var:" , the "Var" =23 and it is also a parameter
I created a macro to help me "print" some debug values on UART. I'm using the concatenation of strings:
.Stemp = ToString$ (.Var)
.Stemp = .Var_name + .Stemp
.Stemp = "@Debug_Rx:" + .Stemp +"\r\n"

When I run it I get the following:

@Debug_Rx: This is a\r\n
Note that the . Stemp in the middle in the last line is cut to 20 characters.

However, if I declare it like this:

.Stemp = ToString$ (.Var)
.Stemp = .Var_name + .Stemp
.Stemp = "@Debug_Rx:" + .Stemp
.Stemp = .Stemp + "\r\n"

When I run it I get the expected result:

@Debug_Rx: This is a test 12345678 Var:23\r\n

Can this be fixed?


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Re: string concatenation bug

Post by Benj »

Hi Igor,

It's not something I can fix I'm afraid it's very much down in the detail of the Flowcode executable core code generation. We do have it as a task on our to do list so I'll see if I can bump up the priority a bit for you.

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