C2CPause for Flowcode

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C2CPause for Flowcode

Post by Ian »

One problem with Flowcode is trying to figure out why the C Compiler failed to compile.
We have a small utility that we use here to pause the Compiler screen and see what the error messages are.
However it requires you to understand C and C code errors so is not officially supported. However as it can be useful for those with a knowledge of C to figure out problems in their code I have put it on the website for people to download if they so wish.

C2Cpause.zip can be downlaoded from:

Remember, this is provided as a helpful utility for experts and is not supported.

Readme for C2Cpause

C2CPause for Flowcode

C2Cpause is a utility application for Flowcode.
It is provided as an aid to debugging programs that report compiler problems.
We can not offer support for this utility though, as it is not an intergrated part of Flowcode.
It's use is recommended only for those with compiler issues, and with technical knowledge of DOS operations.

How to install
Unzip the files into the Flowcode\C2C folder.
C2Cpause is set up for the default install location of "C:\Program Files\Matrix Multimedia\Flowcode".
If you installed into a different location you will need to edit C2Cpause.bat in Windows notepad.
Use Notepad, not another program as Notepad will keep the correct file format that is needed.
Change the "C:\Program Files\Matrix Multimedia\Flowcode" part of the locations to match your install.

Open up Flowcode and go to PIC, COMPILER OPTIONS menu item.
Modify the Compiler setting to point to C2Cpause.bat but keeping the compiler options intact.
For example
"C:\Program Files\Matrix Multimedia\Flowcode\C2C\c2cpause.bat" -PPIC%p -IP%p.inc

IMPORTANT - make a copy of the original settings here so that you can revert back in case of problems.

How to use
When you compile a Flowcode program instead of flashing through the compiler message screen it
will have a '3 2 1' countdown.
If you have errors press Ctrl S during this period to halt the countdown and keep the screen open.
This will allow you to read the messages. Any errors in the C code can then be looked into.
Press S to continue the countdown.
This is particualrly useful if you have used the C Code icon, but can also help with a number of general issues.

Note that you will get a lot of compiler warnings about 8 bit truncations, and functions being skipped.
These are normal and can be safely ignored.

Note that if the compiler window is kept open that after a while the Assembler will launch and report an error
as you have prevented the asm file being created.
This can be safely ignored. The Asm will compile normally next time you launch without blocking the countdown
(assuming you fixed the errors of course).

Tech Support
We can not offer support for this utility, as it is not an intergrated part of Flowcode, and is
offered as a helpful utility, not as an official product.
Nor can we offer support for debugging and investigating code problems found with this utility.
With the sole exception where the code problem is directly attributable to an error with
code created by Matrix Multimedia (i.e. problems with the function code created by one of our components etc.)

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Post by Chet »

Thank you!

Just wanted to point out that the quotation marks are required in the
compiler settings. I would just copy and paste it. Compiler error without them.

"C:\Program Files\Matrix Multimedia\Flowcode\C2C\c2cpause.bat" -PPIC%p -IP%p.inc


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