FC6 Crash During Simulation

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Jay Dee
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FC6 Crash During Simulation

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When running a simulation, I'll momentarily see in the Simulation debugger 'Unknown or Missing Variable : MyVar' for all the variables.
Shortly after I get the following error.
'Flowcode has encountered a problem from which is it unable to recover. Please save your work and then close and restart flowcode'

Some times I can exit the pop-up to save, other times its stuck in a loop.
It seems to happen with the simulation slider at any speed, not as often but it can happen when I manually step through the program quickly.

Running on Win XP pro SP3 - AMD 64x2 2GHz 1GB ram
FC PIC Pro v6.0.3.0
Standard ECIO 40P

I can work around it at the moment since I mostly in hardware and just roughing a first version in FC.
Regards, John.
EDIT: I found a few uninitialised variables so sorted those but it still seems to do it...hmm
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Re: FC6 Crash During Simulation

Post by Benj »


Working ok for me on my laptop, I'll retry on my office PC as it's good at replicating bugs.

Out of interest what open gl version do you have (Help -> About) and are you using the open gl in hardware or software mode (Edit -> Global Options)?

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