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Advanced ADC Component

Post by Jordy101091 »

Advanced ADC Component v1.0


Some times you need to measure stuff with you on-board ADC. Most of the time this ADC has a 10bit resolution, for most of the project / application having a 10bit resolution
is more then enough. Howe ever there are some cases that you have considered having a device with a 10bit ADC on-board simply because its cheaper and easier to find then a device with a 12 or even a 14bit ADC.
But you do need some extra resolution, then this component can do the job for you.

Also when you try to measure something, a voltage for instance in a noisy environment, then with out any software filtering or what so ever. Your ADC results will most likely jump all around (LSB).
This can also be fixed with this component.

the way this component works in a nutshell:

You need to specify what ADC resolution you would like to achieve 11...16bit also you need to say if you want averaging enabled.
the component will do its best to increase the resolution by oversampling the ADC input.
Then it will take average of all samples taken.
Then it will take the average taken from the "average" that was taken before, so the noise from the original signal will be minimum.

the outcome from the component as a Float variable will be very stable.

Component Use:
The component can be used by copying the ".fcpx" file into the component directory of Flowcode v6.
Then component can be found under the tap Input as Enhancing ADC.

Future Updates / Fixes:
Future update will include:

!!! if you have any let me now by PM !!!

FutureFixes will include:
- Problem with selecting the Analog Output Pin

(2.46 KiB) Downloaded 377 times

Until next Fix is released:
To change the component Analog input pin please use the Component debugger to change the output pin of the adc_base component
the will to learn, should not be stopped by any price

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Re: Advanced ADC Component

Post by mikn »

is it ok for realtime measuring? for example at 20-40khz measure speed.
is it based on current adc component?
FC (18.02.2016)

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Re: Advanced ADC Component

Post by Benj »

Hi Jordy,

Nice component, many thanks for posting.

If you refer to the SimpleUART video at the bottom of this page then it should show you how to pass the analogue pin connection through to the adc_base component: ... a_Property

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