ASIC design/verification or embedded systems programming

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ASIC design/verification or embedded systems programming

Post by Donnieclark »


I just graduated with an MS in EE, and started looking for jobs.
I got 2 offers:
1. In a big company, doing ASIC design verification for a WCDMA modem for 3G cellular chips.
2. Small company, doing Embedded Software Programming. Working on the design and implementation of layer 1 control and device drivers for a Mobile TV system.

The good thing is that both positions are in the field of wireless communication systems design, which is what I'm interested in. But the type of positions are different.

If I work on ASIC verification, I would like to eventually transition to ASIC design.
But I think the Embedded programming position is also interesting, because it's very close to the hardware (and therefore a deep understanding of the hardware is required), but at the same time it allows you to keep the big picture in mind, since you're working on software that controls the physical layer of the system.

I was wondering if you guys had any inputs/advice on what position you think is favorable in terms of future growth.
I've done ASIC verification for 1.5 years, and I know that it's easy to get stuck in that field the more experience you gain. However, I thought that it might be a gateway into ASIC design.

Any inputs/comments would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: ASIC design/verification or embedded systems programming

Post by Benj »

Hi Donnie,

For me I would choose small company and embedded software, lots of variation but in a small company you have to be flexible and good at dealing with problems. I don't know much about ASIC design or verification but to me it sounds pretty dull in comparison and I would much rather be a big cog in a small machine than small cog big machine.

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