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Mood light

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Today's 'Fun with Flowcode' project.

I wanted to tie together several ideas based on recent (and historic) forum topics. (Bluetooth, parsing commands in a datastream, converting Ascii to int and i2c)

So here we have a Bluetooth controlled mood light.
I used a BlinkM MaxM Blaster LED - which is bright (very bright) - but this would be easy to convert to another LED light (even PWM RGB for a low budget (& low light) option) (see ... asheet.pdf)

The circuit is simple - the LED controller is connected via i2c to a4/a5 on the Arduino (with 4.7k pullups) The LEDs need a separate power supply (in this case I'm using a 12v adapter)
Bluetooth (HC-05) is connected to Tx and Rx pins on the Arduino via a level shifter for the data pins (to bring things down to 3.3v) The level shifter needs 5v, and 3.3v sources and 2x GND.

I wanted a slightly more general command structure - so I'm using a 3 character command string for matching to received data (I convert the received data to upper case to allow more easier operation) - currently there are 4 commands (RED set red, BLU set blue and GRN set green (0..255 value) and PRG - set demo mode to 'n'. Note that I convert the commands to a long integer value (there isn't an easy way to initialise an array of strings in FC) It would be easy to allow 4 character commands.

So for example red255 would set RED LED to max brightness
PRG018 would set demo 18 running.
Commands can be chained (eg RED255BLU100GRN100) - though it works it doesn't make much sense to chain PRG commands.

Commands are echoed to Bluetooth - the data could also be sent via USB (using a terminal prog) - commands are not echoed (but it works ok)

The command set current is ABCnnn where ABC is the command string and nnn is a 3 (or less) digit decimal value. it would be good to have a RGBrrrgggbbb command - but I've left this out for simplicity..

Martin(1) - a graphical front end for the controller would be great (sliders for RG and B!) or a SCADA front end!
I used Serial Bluetooth (free on Play Store) on my (Android) phone.
mood light.fcfx
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