ADC - error during compile.

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ADC - error during compile.

Postby medelec35 » Wed Jan 25, 2012 9:32 pm

Devices affected are:
18F2220, 18F2221, 18F2320, 18F2321, 18F24J10, 18F2410, 18F2420, 18F2423, 18F2450,
18F2455, 18F2480, 18F25J10, 18F2510, 18F2515, 18F2520, 18F2523, 18F2525, 18F2550,
18F2580, 18F2585, 18F2610, 18F2620, 18F2680, 18F4220, 18F4221, 18F4320, 18F4321,
18F44J10, 18F4410, 18F4420, 18F4423, 18F4450, 18F4455, 18F4480, 18F45J10, 18F4510,
18F4515, 18F4520, 18F4523, 18F4525, 18F4550, 18F4580, 18F4585, 18F4610, 18F4620,
18F4680, 18F4682 & 18F4685.

Jonny was the first to post about this:

Unfortunately I did not see that post when I posted my fix here:
Fix still worked OK, but not sure if 12 Bit ADC devices will work?

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Re: ADC - error during compile.

Postby STibor » Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:14 am

Pic18f6622 external ADC Vref setting does not work.

I checked the Flowcode4 PIC_ADC_12.c file included in the following line:

Code: Select all

/ / assign VREF Functionality
 # if (MX_ADC_VREF_OPT! = 0)
 st_bit (adcon1, VCFG0);
 # endif

Flowcode5 PIC_CAL_ADC.c line in the following file:
// ADC Type 12 Supported Devices

Code: Select all

 if (Vref! = 0) / / assign VREF Functionality
 st_bit (adcon0, VCFG0);

Change to...

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 Rewriting: if (Vref! = 0) / / assign VREF Functionality
 st_bit (adcon1, VCFG0);

Simulator works, not tested circuit.
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Re: ADC - error during compile.

Postby Enamul » Mon Aug 20, 2012 1:06 pm

Yes. You are right as datasheet says the same..This snapshot from ADCON1 register not from ADCON0.
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Thanks for letting us know.
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