EBM018 Colour Sensor Module

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EBM018 Colour Sensor Module

Postby medelec35 » Sun Apr 05, 2015 2:41 am

Equipment required:
EBM Colour Sensor Module plugged on (either way around) to S1 of EB090
EB090 Mother board connected to port B of EB006 PICmicro multiprogrammer.
EB006 PICmicro multiprogrammer with PIC16F1937 microcontroller.
EB007 push-to-make switch board connected to port A of EB006 PICmicro multiprogrammer. (only using SW5 = RA5)
EB005 LCD board connected to port C of EB006 PICmicro multiprogrammer.
PSU suitable for EB006 PICmicro multiprogrammer. (9V for EB006V8 and greater, 12-14V for EB006V7 or earlier)
Flowcode V6 Home or above.

At the time of writing, EBM018 Colour Sensor Module is available for £13.50 + Vat
You will also require a Sensor board(EB090) which is a mother board for the EBM sensors Range
The Mother board must have two supplies connected to it.
+5V for +V & +9 to 14V (depening on PICmicro multiprogrammer version) connected to VPWR
The Flowchart including all simulation components used was originally created LeighM, Steve M and Paul so they deserve most of the credit.
I have modified it in order to add some improvements.
1) Added Automatic (default ) or manual mode
2) Added a count down to sample timer:
simulation.png (101.63 KiB) Viewed 7119 times

When power is first applied, hardware is in automatic mode.
So the white LED's on the sensor will light, LCD will show the time counting down to end of sample readings, LED's will go out then LCD will display Red, Green & Blue values of sample.
After 3 seconds has elapsed the process is repeated all over again automatically.

If you hold SW5 (long press mode for about a second) down until LCD will show Manual Mode, then every time you press and release SW5 (Short press) a sample will be taken the same as it is in automatic mode.
However after the countdown has finished the R, G & B values will remain until SW5 is short pressed again.
Every time you long press SW5 mode will change.

If you run the simulation, then since interrupt is running extremely fast then you may not see the seconds counting down.
EBM018_-_Test_Program V2.fcfx
(22.89 KiB) Downloaded 475 times
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Re: EBM018 Colour Sensor Module

Postby kalmar79 » Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:12 am

My friend I want to practice with a colour sensor check this post please.


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Re: EBM018 Colour Sensor Module

Postby Benj » Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:44 am

This is the right right sensor for you Kalmar.