Rj45 UDP and USB interface comms required

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Rj45 UDP and USB interface comms required

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I am looking for an engineer to write some code for an application where when written there will be a micro which will have a number of registers set to specific variables within a PIC micro.

The RJ45 connection will be able to communicate via a fixed IP address and set and read these registers

The USB will also be required to access a subset of these registers.

We will be developing the Code that sets and reads the registers so are looking for someone to write the RJ45 interface and the USB interface. If the engineer can also write code on a PC then they could also be asked to write some small programs on the PC to load and close applications on the PC in responce to the requests sent down the USB.

The project is for a control system that needs to communicate with a network to initiate control of a control of a pre existing computer system. The PC cannot be interfaced directly as it may be off so the micro will initiate power up / down of the PC. There will be requests from the network for hardware downstream of the micro to change state and also action a change of software once the PC is booted.

No hardware has been chosen as of yet but a PIC micro is required.

If anyone is interested in helping write this solution then more engineer and commercials can be discussed offline


David Kilshaw

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