Flowcode5 and 6 with CANbus

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Flowcode5 and 6 with CANbus

Post by MickeBJ »

I have a project that includes CANbus, and if I compile it in Flowcode 5 it runs OK.
When i convert the project to FC6 and do a compilation the CANbus communication does not work.

When I compare settings in FC5 and FC6 the values are different, but not the values that I can change.

Is it some issue with the conversion of the project I have to take care of?


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Re: Flowcode5 and 6 with CANbus

Post by MJU »

I had this problem too.

The components in V5 and V6 are very different.
For me the only way to use my old (V5) Flowcode-made chart is to keep on compile it as V5 flowchart.

Maybe you can import the V5 chart, add in V6 a new CAN-bus component, and everywhere you use the component in V5, add the same macro from the V6 component.
After you've done that, you could delete all V5 macro's, remove the V5 CAN-bus component and try and compile it.

I remember that one of the Matrix Staff told here on the forum that all the components were made from scratch.
Hope this is of any help to you.

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Re: Flowcode5 and 6 with CANbus

Post by LeighM »

Yes, that's the best advice regarding using the V6 CAN component.
Quite a complex component so there was a lot of re-write for V6.

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